Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bob Lind - Since There Were Circles

 Even the most devoted music aficionado could be forgiven for believing Bob Lind was a one-hit wonder. The once-reclusive folk singer enjoyed a brief stint at the top of the charts in 1966, courtesy of the hit “Elusive Butterfly.”
 Lind sang of love and longing, and like Dylan and Donovan, set hearts a-fluttering in the process. And the song drew a following of its own; it was covered by more than 200 artists, including Cher, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Mathis, Dolly Parton and Petula Clark. Sadly, Lind found it difficult to maintain the momentum “Elusive Butterfly” brought.
 Subsequent efforts failed to find an audience. Lind struggled with drugs, alcohol and a less-than-stellar professional reputation before he recorded a final album for Capitol Records, 1971’s “Since There Were Circles.” Although the effort pleased the critics, sales failed to follow. Lind parted ways with the music business and initiated a career that found him writing novels, plays and screenplays. He was a friend of the writer Charles Bukowski, who turned him into the character "Dinky Summers" in his 1978 novel Women and other writings

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Al Wilson - Searching for the Dolphins

The debut album by a lost (in all senses) American singer, Al Wilson. It is all covers, or versions of others' songs. Some standards some not. It is consistently brilliant. Wilson was from Mississippi, he was born at the head of World War 2. One of his friends was the white (Wilson was black) southern musician Johnny Rivers who had a label called Soul City. This first classic album came out of that relationship with Wilson singing and Rivers producing. Rivers doubtless helped select most if not all of the songs too, including a couple of his own as well as I Stand Accused, co-written by Curtis Mayfield, and By The Time I Get Phoenix and Do What You Gotta Do by Jimmy Webb. However, the record, widely available, yes it's true, is named from the extraordinary Fred Neil song The Dolphins, which is the opening cut. Neil was a 60s folk singer, who wrote Everybody's Talking, and The Dolphins

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