Sunday, 21 May 2017

The The - Infected

A more modern offering than usual this week ( but still over 30 years old - 1986 ) just to offer something a bit different and hopefully complement our live act tonight Red Heaven from Canada.
Matt Johnson is the tortured genius and creative force behind The The who I suppose could be described as an English post punk band from the 80s but still active today.
Infected is the most complex The The album, every song on this album is arranged to the nth degree until it becomes almost too much. Lyrics-wise it is usual for Matt Johnson wallowing in the mess of his own feelings and merciless self-flagellation. "Here comes another winter of long shadows and high hopes. Here comes another winter, waiting for utopia, waiting for hell to freeze over". Saxes and trumpets, trombones and string orchestra, Steve Hodarth - who later will become the Marillion vocalist - plays nice piano on "Heartland" and "Twilight of Champion" starts with some stupendous baritone saxophone intro.
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